Roof Repairs

Leaky roof? Missing shingles? Maintaining a roof should be at the top of any home maintenance list to ensure a dry, safe home for your family. Have our fully licensed, qualified, trained and experienced technicians inspect your roof damage and provide a detailed estimate for the roof repair work. Roof repair services provided in the greater Maryland, Virginia, and DC area.

A leaky roof is more than a nuisance – leaks mean that water is invading your home and potentially damaging various structural elements that can be costly to fix if ignored. Water may cause rotting, mold and permanent damage to your home long before you notice spots on the wall and ceiling.

Discovering a roof leak can be very difficult for the homeowner. Below are some signs that it is time to call a Restoration Specialist.

  • Old shingles that are curling or splitting are more likely to be blown off and are an indication that they’ve lost their waterproofing.
  • Chimney, skylight or vent pipes whose flashing is rusted or missing can cause interior leaking – especially when found in valleys on a roof top.
  • Any indoor discoloration, cracked paint, peeling wallpaper areas where outside light shines through or sagging are all likely signs of a damaged, leaky roof and water issues.

Our experienced roof repair technicians at United Construction & Restoration have inspected damaged roofs across the Maryland, Virginia, and DC areas, and are ready to put their experience to work for you.

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