Top Reasons To Invest in Vinyl Windows

Top Reasons To Invest in Vinyl Windows

Are your current windows drafty? Are you struggling with keeping your energy bill low? Then you might want to schedule for a window replacement job. By replacing your drafty windows with high quality vinyl windows, you can enjoy tons of benefits. Take a look:

1. Energy Efficieny

Every homeowner wants to get a high return on investment and that’s exactly what you can get after installing vinyl windows. High quality vinyl windows manufactured by Vytex are excellent in ensuring energy efficiency.

Vytex offers a variety of optional features to increase energy efficiency of the windows such as:

  • Vycore foam insulation which increases the R-value resistance to heat flow and offers maximum insulation performance
  • Energy Saver R5 Glass which is engineered to achieve the lowest possible U values

All these features are designed to help homeowners realize big cost savings on heating and cooling bills.

2. Practically Maintenance Free

Another reason which makes investment in vinyl windows the best choice is that they are practically maintenance free. In comparison to wooden windows which require frequent sealing and painting especially if you want to keep them in good condition vinyl windows are low maintenance and can last for years. And you know what that means by investing in vinyl windows you can save a great deal of your time and money on regular maintenance routine.

3. Aesthetically Appealing and Eco-Friendly

Besides this, vinyl windows are both aesthetically appealing and eco-friendly. They offer a full pallet of colors with the ability to mix colors for a perfect match. From grid patterns to trim options and low color coating system you can easily add personality to your home.

4. CustoMizable Designs

Vinyl windows by Vytex can be customized to any design to suit your personal preference. You can also select from a variety of window styles like double hung, hopper, bay, garden, sliding and picture. The frames of these windows are one of the thinnest in the market and aesthetically appealing.

5. Affordable

Vinyl windows offer the best value for your money. Not only are they long-lasting but also affordable. They are a great choice to stay in budget while getting the best windows for your home.

6. Excellent Durability

Since vinyl windows by Vytex are innovatively engineered, they offer excellent durability. They are welded carefully at the seams which create a tight seal and also prevent water and air from infiltrating the window units. Besides this, since the material of the windows is both UV resistant and non-corroding it stays intact and doesn’t rust or weaken over time.

So, if you’re looking for a smart and cost-effective window replacement option, then get in touch with us today. We offer only Vytex vinyl windows. Choose from the large variety of options and get ready to make an investment that offers high returns in the long run. 

New home restorations that save energy and money.

New home restorations that save energy and money.

Attic insulation

Attic insulation is important to your family’s comfort within your home but also to the proper operation of the HVAC system.  Insulation helps maintain a comfortable temperature inside and reduces the amount of energy used by the heating and cooling system. It also provides reduction of ambient noise, ensuring your family is not exposed to excessive outdoor sounds.

Most homeowners are not aware that their attic insulation is insufficient and therefore adversely impacting the internal home temperature as well as creating undue stress on the HVAC system. For the mid-Atlantic area, the Environmental Protection Agency (or EPA) recommends an attic R-value of R38 to R60.  This basically means that you should have between 12 and 16 inches of insulation in all areas of your attic.  Since many rafters are 6 inches, this means that your insulation should be significantly higher than the rafters. If you compress your attic insulation it still works but loses some of its effectiveness.

At United Construction & Restoration, our Project Consultants are trained in home insulation and can provide you with a no-obligation analysis of your home as well as provide you with education on the best insulation options available in the market today.  Please call or email us to set up a no-obligation walk through of your home.